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Brakc- . . _ __ ._ _ Steering Wlfllr. parkud. and with the parking Transmission '. ' Column Lock but: 561. try In turn d1: key to Shift Interlock "_' ' ' " .. “LUCK" Eneachshifllcvur siliorn. BT51 ' " ' "' . ' I 'I'Imkcyshmfld :umm“ K“

Automatic ' = ' _ ' ' only when the shift lever is in "P"

Tmmiss'rmj ' I ' " ' {Park}. I Th: kn}! Iihlzruld cum: out only in

I. Before you sum. be sun: ynu Im'h'e “LUCK.“ mough roam around the vehiCIe. It should b: paflmd ur: a level surfacu. 2. Firrnlj.r apply II'bE parking bnikt {see “Putting Brake" in the lmlex if mm}. NOTE: B: my to appiy the regular brat: iinumiialcly if the which: begins to move.

3.W'1Ih The Engine crfl'. tum Eh: ling" lo the “RUN" positicm. but don‘t start m: :ngint. Mum"! appiying the regain: brake. tr;r :0 mm: lhe shifi lever uul of “P" {Park} wilh mml effort lfflle shift lever mews out Elf “P” [Park]. your vehide’s BT51 mada- Erwin.

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