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Section B: Owner Checks and Services

Listed below are owner checks and services which should be pertormed at the intervals specified to help ensure the safety. dependability and emission mntml performance of your vehicle.

He sure any necessary repairs are completed at once. Wl'ienever any fluids or lubricants are added to your vehicle. make sure they are the proper ones. IE shonrn in Section D.


At Each Fuel Fill

{It is important for you or a service station atten dam to perform fliese underlined checks at ead‘l fuel fill.)

CHECK on ,

Engine lOil Check the engine oil level and add

Level the proper oil if necessary. See "Engine Oil" in the index for fiddler details.

Engine Coolant Check the engine coolant level in Ihe

Level coolanl remis'irergfI tank and add Il'u: proper coolant mix if necessary. See “Coolant" in the index for further details.

Windshield Check the windshield washer fluid Washer Fluid level in the windshield washer tank

Level and add the proper fluid it'ncocssery. See ”"I-‘il'indshicld Washer Fluid" in the Index for l'erIl'icr details.

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