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conditioning condenser. Wash the pressure cap and neck.

To help ensure proper coloration. we recommend rt pressure test of both the coolng system and the pressure cap.

. 'Ii'nnnnxle Service -- Change both the fluid and filter every 15,000 miles (25 (Ill) km} if the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:

0 In heart}l cit};r traffic where the outside temperature regular-l5r reaches 90° F {32°C} or higher.

0 In hilly or mountainous terrain.

0 Uses such as found in taxi. police car or delivery service.

If you do not use your vehicle under am,I of these conditions. change hot]: the fluid and filter over}- [00.000 miles {U50 DUI} km].

. Spark Plug Replacement!" -. Replace spark plugs with the proper mic. See “Specifications Chart" in the Index.

NIEI'ninhn Chanel Sen-inc.

9. Spark Plug ere lnslmllon‘l‘ -- Inspect for burns. cracks or other damage. Check. the boot fit at the distributor and at the spark plugs. Replace wires as needed.

[0. Air Cleaner Filter Replacemenl' -- Replace every sumo miles {50 001} ion} or more often under dust},r

conditions. Ask your dealer for the proper replacement intervals for your driving conditions.

1|..mrmaaruuaianmneanzt ~- Inspect fuel tank. cap and lines [including fuel rails and injection assembly. il‘equipped} for damage or leaks. Inspect fuel cap gasket for an even filler neck imprint or any damage. Replace parts as needed. Periodic replacement of the fuel filter is not required.

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