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Scheduled Maintenance Services Schedule II

FulluflwI Srhedule II GNLY if mine UI' lI'II: drh'lng mndilinns specified in Schedujc I apply.

'm HE SEER" ICED WHEN To I’ERFURM MILES {IND} {Stu Esp [JI'IEL'liLHI ur Miles [kilumfl-s} "r '.' r! 1 22 3,? 5 45 SChEd‘lJEEIiF Mainttmnc: Munlhs, Whichever ------ Schwulcs | and ii] (mulls first KIMMtII'ERS {I990}

Hem Na. 3-15 r.:_. _—-I:IIIIIIIII m mummy

Entry '.' 5le mi. II]! 500: kml Dr 12 mun:

. . . A1 ? 5!][3 mu. [i2 fill] Em] and than cvcrv d. T “h i . t a: Rmat . ' an & m: mm: m” m" L5 DIS-I} ml. 135 DISK] km or as necessary

i Eng-in: Acctswq' [.‘Irwe Hellfire} Inspectinn“

E.»"tr}'.1fl {MD 111:. [5D {H313 km'l m 24 max. El. Lmllng 535mm Scn'wc‘

Sac Explanatinn nl' Schedmeri Mainlcmncc I S SE“ 1:553 F‘JIIUWEHE SChfl-dlllfi-S I and H


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