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Scheduled Maintenance Services Schedule 1

Follow Schedule I if your car is MAINLY driven under one or more of tile following conditions:

ll When most trips are less than 4 miles {Er kilmnelers]. I When mom trips are less than It”! miles [lfi kilometers) and outside temperatures remain below freezing.

«0 When most trips include extended idling andfor frequent low-speed operation as in stop-Mgr.) traffic. «I TorWinga LraiJcI.*T '- When Operating in {tasty areas. Schedule I should also he followed if the car is used for delivery service. pallet. tatti or other commercial applications.


Services Following Months. Whichever 1 Schedules] and 1]] new” mm flmmsreas (and)

mm. "III-Mlflflfilfl

1. Engine 011.51 Gil Filler Every 31m mi. [Sm-D km) or 3- months.

stiirefui’fti‘fiiimis Milfiikilnmvmrw “II-ME

m lulu. III-Ills:

3. 'l'hmule Body Mounting A: El: em m: {11] [:00 km} Boll Torque‘ 1).-

4_ Tire 3; Wheel Inspection 4:; iii: flfi-gr‘fliflflé mi, Rmm'on km: or as necessary

5. E11 rlnc Accessory Drive _ _ 13c tie] Inspec'liun‘ twp." 3'" Hill ”“- {Sil (Iii km I or 24 months. a. Cooling System Service“


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