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Section A: Scheduled Maintenance Services

Using Your Maintenance Schedules

This section tells you the maintenance services you should have done and when you should schedule them. Your Buick dealer knows your vehicle best and wants you to be happy with it. If you go to your dealer for your service needs. you'll know that DIM-trained and sumn'hai service people will perform the work using genuine GM parts.

These schedules are for vehicles that:

i carry passengers and cargo within recommended limits. You will find these limits on your vehicle‘s 'l'ire-Loaltlingr Information label. See “Loading Your Vehicle" in the index.

I are driven on reasonable road surfaces within legal driving limits.

0 use the recommended tutieaded fuel. See “Fuel" in the index.

Selecting the Right Schedule

First you’ll need to decide which of the two schedules is right for your vehicle. Here‘s how to decide which schedule to follow:

Schedule I Is any one of these true for your vehicle? 0 Most trips are less than 4 miles [fi km}.

I Most trips are less than ID miles {In km]: when outside temperatures are below freezing.

0 The engine is at low speed most oflhe time (as in door-to-door delivery, or in stop-and-go traffic].

| You operate your vehicle in dusty areas.

If any one tor more} of these is true for your driving. follow Schedule 1.

Schedule II

Folltw.r Schedule 11 only if none of the above conditions is true.


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