Buick RIVIERA 1993 Owner Manual

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Capacities and Specifications

Engine Code Ll (LET): 3.8L V—ii SFI

Belt Terminus Fuel "Hulk Capacity

Automatically comm-[lad by an idler FLIllfiy. 13-0 EHHDHSJGS liiem

Tension adjusnnent should never bi: necessary. Transaxle Autmnalii: Ovcrdrive Drain Sc Refill —-

leing System Capacity ll quarks! 1'35 lilm

13 Mi. 12.5 liters q ml Mainileum-:2-Itiizmli'nirti'iiiimliiws3

Crankme Capacity —- Air Filter AQ'MC Oil change with filter change Fuel Filter GFSED

4 quartsffifi Iimrs Gil Filler— PF-l"! FCV Valve CVBQZC

Air Conditioning Capacity‘ Radiator Cap RC2? [RI 2} —- 2.3?5 lbs. (1.03 kilognuns‘) Spark Plug 414500. GAP imam"

i Elli Character of the Vehicle: Identifiuilicm Number. 2 Mad: in a. GM plant in the United Slalcs.

J Pan number: an: AC type. I Air Cmnzlitiming Refrigerant: Not a.“ air-conditioning refi'igcranls an: [31¢ same. If the air cm'idiiiuning syatam in your vchiclc 'eriinL be sure L112 I m. rcfri-cranl is used. If nu'rc mi m1": ask i 311le finale:

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