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Appearanfle Care and Maintenance Materiais You can get These from your Buick dealer.



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USAGE Eaten-lou- Elunct and polish

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IDSZITF 12 act. {Mi-1L]- Sptay-A—Sqmal: Walther Bll'il'll "152361 1 n1. (Billing: Silicrn'lc Gram

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Hamlin-1T1} Tu: and Road Dll Remmwr Mm mural-Lu um warm. pallylmg

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Whip: Shh-nil TIM Cleaner Clams wh'n: nnn. black. III'Es

IDSHI'H 16 09:. [DA-TIL!

32 u}. [DH-Mr Spur :rl] min. mums]

IUFH'IJH “113!!le Gamer Fabric Elcunn' Glam Claw

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16 oz. Ill-1TH? 2319!. mam

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Spa: and Hum tuna-val

lfl 5041'! IU SIB-$29

Alm- apm cleans vinyls

UHF“ Vinyl and rlnth. alarm. I'rrn and rII-Ill

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