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These are places where glass or metal meets rubber. Silicone grease there will make them last longer, seal better, and not squeak. Apply silicone grease with a clean cloth at least every Sill months.

Sheet Metal Damage

if your vehicle is damaged and requires sheet metal repair or replacement. make sure the bod]! repair shop applies anti-corrosion material to the parts repaired or replaced to restore corrosion protection.

Foreign Material

Calcium chloride and other salts. ice melting. agents. road oil and tar. tree sap. bird droppings, chemicals from induatrial chimneys, and other foreign matter can damage your vehicle’s finish if they remain on painted surfaces. Use cleaners that are marked safe for painled surfaces for these stains.

Finish Damage

Any stone chips. fractures or deep scratches in the finish should be repaired right away. Bane metal will corrode quincklj,r and may develop into a major repair expense.


Minor chips and scratches can be repaired with touch—up materials available From your dealer or other service

outlets. Larger areas of finish damage can be corrected in your dealer‘s body and paint shop.

Underbody Maintenance

Chemicals used for ice and snow removal and dusl control can collect on the underbcdv. If these are not removed, accelerated corrosion trust) can occur on the anderbodv parts such as fuel lines. frame. floor pan. and exhaust system even though they have corrosion protection.

At least every spring, flush these materials from the underhody with plain water. Clean any areas where mud and other debris can collect. Dirt packed in closed areas of the Flame should be loosened before being flushed. Your dealer or an underbudy vehicle washing system can do this for you,

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