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Care of Safety Belts Keep belts clean and dry.


Glass should be cleaned often. GM Glass Cleaner {GM Part No. 105042?) or a liquid household glass cleaner will remove normal tobacco smoke and dust films.

Don’t use abrasive cleaners on glass. because they may cause scratches. Avoid placing decals on the inside rear window. since they may have In he scraped off later. If abrasive cleaners are used on the inside of the rear window. an electric de logger element that y be damaged. Alt y temporary license should not be attached across the defogger grid.


Cleaning the Outside of the Windshield and Wiper Blades

If the windshield is not clear after using the windshield washer. or if the wiper blade citatters when running, war. or Dlhcr material may be on the blade or windshield.

Clean the outside of the windshield with GM Windshield Cleaner. Eon~Arni Powder“! (GM Part No. lDSflfll I]. The windshield is clean if heads do not Form when you rinse it with water.

Clean the blade by wiping vigorously with a cloth soaked in full strength windshield washer solvent. Then rinse the blade widt water.

Wiper blades should be checked on a regular basis and replaced when worn.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Buick The paint finish on your vehicle provides beauty. depth of color. gloss retention and durability.

Washing Your Vehicle

The best way to preserve your vehicle's finish is to keep it clean. by washing it often with lake warm or cold water.

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