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When It's Time l'ur New Tires

'i One way to tel] when it's

. time for new tires is 1-:- cbeck the [reedwear indiealers. which will appear when your tires have eel).r 2332 inch {1.15 111111301

. less of head ren'mjnjngl

You need a new fire it".

I Yuu can see Ihe indleamrs at Ilu'ee places amend the Tire.

I Ynu can see cord or fabric showing through the file's rubber.

I The tread or sidewall is ereckui, (:uI. DI snagged {leap enough 1:: EI'IDW card [11' fahfin.

I The the has a bump» bulge or split.

The tire has n puncture. cut, or other damage that can't be repaired well because ef the size or location of the damage.



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