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W]:— to Check: Check your tires once a month or more.

Don‘t forget your compact spare tire. It should be at 60 psi {4210 itPa}.

Hanr In Check: Use a good quality' pocket-type gage to cheek tire pressure. Sirnplj.r ionizing at the tires will not tell you the pressure. eaperriall}l if you have radial tires which may look properly htflated even if they're untied-inflated.

If gratu- tires have valve caps. be sure to put them back on. They help prevent leaks by keeping out dirt and moisture.

Tire Inspection and Rotation

To make your tires last longer, have them inspected and rotated at the mileages recommended in the Maintenanee Schedule. See “Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Ineex.

Use this rotation pattern.

After the tires have been rotated. adjust the front and rear inflation pressure as shown on the TireALoading Infomation label. Make certain that ail wheel nuts are

properly,r tightened. See “Wheel Nut Torque" in the Index.

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