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What to Add:

When you do need brake fluid. use only DDT-3 brake fluid such as Delco Supreme 1W {GM Part NoJBSESSS}. Use new brake fluid from a sealed container only.

Replacing Brake System Parts

The braking system on a modern vehicle is complex. 115 many parts have to be of top quality and work well together if the vehicle is to have really good braking. Vehicles we design and test have top-quality ISM brake parts in them. as your Buick does when it is new. When you replace pans of your braking system _. for 61311113137 when your brake linings wear down and you have to have new ones put in -- be aura you get new genuine GM replacement parts. Ifyou don‘t. your brakes may no longer work properly. For example. if someone puts in brake linings that are wrong for your vehicle. the balance between your front and rear brakes can change. for the worse. The braking performance you've come to expect can change in many other ways if someone puts in the wrong replacement brake parts.


Every new Buick has a Delco Freedomfifl battery. You never have to add water to one of these. 1When it‘s time for a new battery. we reoommerui a Deleo Freodomfi1

battery. Get one that has the catalog number shown on Ihe ofiginal battery's label.


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