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Windshield Washer Fluid


l Whnn uslhg mnflfil‘fll‘flted washer fluid. iolldw ti'ls msnuisshusr's Insuuslions for adding wstsr.

Don't mix water with msdy-ln-uss washer fluid. Wsisr can cause lhs solution to Time and damage your washsr fluid sank and nmsr pans of the washer swim

Also. water doesn't slssn as well as washsr fluid.

FIJI yaw wash-er fluid innit only am iull whsn il's very said. This alinws Inr sspnnslnn. which could damage the tank ii it Is mplslsiy iull.

Don't use radiator sniflrssza In your windshield washer. It can dsmsgs your paint.

Upcn llu: cu]: Iabclcd ”W’ASHER FLUID ONLY." Add washsr fluid unLil th: bottle is full.


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