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Then withoutshuttin ol'r'the en in»: follow these

Sig I [5'

l. Full ULll thu dipstick und wipe it lwilh a clean mg or paper towel.

2. Push it hack in all the way. wait flare: hL‘Cfll'ldh and then pull ll hark mu again.


3. Check both sides uflhe dipstick. and read the lower level. The fluid level must lie in the crusts-hatched area.

4. Nike fluid lave-l is where: it should bi: push the dipstick hack in all II1L‘ way.

Huw In Add Fluid:

Rull'r [t] tht: Mttintununcc Schudulc tu LIL-termini: what kind of transaxlc fluid In use. Sci: ”Rcumlmcndud Fluids and Lubricants." in the Index.

Il'lhc fluid level in law, .1le only unuugh ul'lhc prupcr fluid to bring 111:: luvcl intu U11: crusn-hutchcd area on ma dipstick. It le'sn't talct: much fluid, generally [£55 than it pint. Dun:t m'crlill WI: ructn‘nmtntl you Llh't unul}.r fluid luhclcd DEXRUNE-IIE. hL'L'ausc fluids with that label

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