Buick RIVIERA 1993 Owner Manual

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:mmmmmm ' 3A5 [OW-3U

M II“ m m I" III m_ “EDT “I m As Hhuwn in [his vixuusiiy L'l'lflrL SAP. iUW-m i5 ‘Dtfl HE m fill-l ll fill E m “WE m for your vehicle. Howaver, you can us: SAE SW-Efl

ii‘jl’s going It! bi: colder than fiflflF {16°C} before ynur next nil change. When il's very Enid, hclnw fl°FI1-18°C}. you should use SAE SW-SD.

'l'hcsc numbcrs On an nil container show its viscosity, or thickness. Du nnE use other vismsily oils such a5 SHE 10W—4fl or SAE EflW-fifl.

I Energy Conserving I]

Oils with Ihcfiu words: an Ihc containcr will halp you save: fut].

This doughnut-shaped logo {symbol} is used on meal nil containers to help you 3:]th the carrcct oil.

‘r'nu shnuld look for Ibis {m 1hr: nil container. and use only those nilr-i that display the lingo.

GM Gondwrenchfll‘ nil {in Canada, GM Engine Oil} meets all the requirements I'nr ynur which.

Engine [Eli] Additives: Dun'L add anything lo your oil. Ynur Buick dfialnr in ready to advise if yum think mmclhing should bi: added.


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