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Engine Dil

Il‘s :1 good idea to check your engine oil every time you get fuel. In erder to get an accurate reading+ the oil mu 5!

be: warm and the vehicle must be on level ground.

* . _,-" Te Check Engine 0]]: Pull out the dipstick and clean it Iwith a paper rental er cleti'L then push it back in all the way. Remeve it again. keeping lhe ti]: Iuwer.

' The engine oil dipstick is directly behind the engine fart.

Turn off the engine and give the (til a few minutes. to drain back into the oil pan. If you don’t. the oil dipstick might nut she-w 1.11:: actual level.

1When to Add (Jil: If the oil is ill or below the ADD mark. then you'll need to add some oil. But you must use the right kind. This section explains what kind of Di] [:2- use. For crankcase capacity. see “Capacities and Specifications" in the indent.


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