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_ Pessitinn the jack under th' vehicle. There is a notch in the frame near each of the wheels. Fil the lifl head of . - [11c jack inlu the 11:1th nearesl The wheel Iwith "16 HEN tire.


Getting under a vehicle when It injected up is

dangerous. If the yehlcla ellps eff the ieck, you eculd he badly Inlured or lulled. Never get under a vehlcle Iwhen It Is supported cnly by a Jack.



Raising your vehicle with Ihejack anrcperly paefllened will damage the vehicle or may allaw the yehlcle to tell of! the lack. Be sure he lit the jack lifl heed inte the proper [mention hefnre relslng your IIl'ehlclle.

Raise ill-e vehicle hy relating the wheel wrench clockwise. Rain-e llic vehicle he enough el'l‘liu- ground HL‘I [here is eimugh mom fur the spare tire 10 1'11.

Renmve all the wheel nuts; and [HERE off the Hal. lire.

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