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S. Then replace 11w premiere eap. Be sure Ihe arrnwr; {in the pressure eap line up like Ihis.


If 21 Tire Gees Flat

It '5 unusual for EL tire to “blew out” while you're driving. eapeeielly if yuu maintain your lires preperly. ll' air gees oul nlu tire. it‘s much more likel}r Ie leek eul slewly. Bul if you should eu er have u "blowout.“ here are a few lips about whet lu expeei end what In du:

ll'i1 frnnt lire lhiis, lhe l'lal tire will ereete u drag that pulls1he 1r'ehieie toward Ihul side. Tillie your feet off the accelerator pedal and grip the steering wheel firmly. Sheer ln meinlu in lane periilienn. lhen filer-ll},r brake tn :1 stop well out ofthe traffic lane.

A. rear hieweui, parlieularly en a curve. eels much like u skid and may require 111: Harrie eurreeliun you'd urie in .‘l skid. In any rear hliJ-wnut. remove ynur Fun-L l‘rnm lhe aeeeiemmr perhil. Get lhe vehicle under enntml h]; steering ihe way you want The vehicle :0 go. It may he very bumpy and noisy. buL you can still steer. Gently brake In a 5111p. well ull'lhe mud il' pirexihle.

ll‘yuur lire guts Hal, {he nexl i-iCL'LlU-I'J Hllllwm' how [u- ILIh'e yuurjueltirig equipment in change :1 Hal. lire rarely.

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