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Safety Belts: They’re For Everyone This figure lights up when

' ' . . . . you turn the key to "Run“ Thu-i part oi the manual tells you how to use safety halt.» or “Soul" when your

properly. It 3.11.511 IBHH yuu Home things you Should I101 do safety belt isn‘t buukleiL

With Halely belts. and you’ll hear a chime.

AM it explains the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint. or too. We 111:: reminder to “air bag“ system. buckle up.

In many stale: and Canadian provinces. the law 533's [l3 weer safety belts. Here‘s why: 11193 work,

You never know if you'll be in a crash. [f you do have a crush, you don't know if it will be a bad one.

A few crashes are: very mild. in them, you won’t get hurt even if you‘re not buckled up. Arid eorne crashes can be so serious. like being hit by a train. that even buckled up u ptrsfln wouldn‘t survive. But most crashes are in between. In many of them+ people who buckle up can survive and sometimes walk away. Without belts they could be badly.r hurl or killed.


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