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When you LIL-cidt' il's 3.1!}: In Iti'l the halt-d. here‘s what you'll see:

0 Cucflunl mum-er].- tank

0 Radiator pressure cap

. E]ECT_1'iL3 engine fan

The coolant 13 ml slIOuld be at m" abm'e “FULL COLD." If it 15:11 you may ham: :1 haak in [he radiamT hoses, ht'autr huscx, radiamr, water pump or some where else in :hc L'Dnlirlg system.

If the realm: inside the L'uulunl recovery tank is boiling. don‘t do 3113;111ng 1:15;: until jl cmlx down.

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