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If you no longer haw- the overheat warning. you can

drive. Jim It: be with, Llrn'e flower far about ten minutes.

If the warning [itimn't unnu- huL‘k Lin. you can drivu nomially.

If tilt: warning L'UTIHTILICH. pull L'Wifir. .‘iiflp‘. and park your vehicle right away.

It there‘s.- 2:111] no sign cat‘s-team. you can idle the engine 1111' twn iJT three minutes while ynu'rL‘. [flirkBEL In new: if the warning stops. But Ihen. ifjmu stiil have the warning. TURN OFF THE ENGINE AND GET EVERYUNE OUT UF THE. VEHICLE. until it mania dawn.

‘I’ml may decide ml to fill the hand hut it: get Keri-rice help fight aw-dy.


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