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To help avoid Injury to you or others:

I Never let Passengers ride In a vehicle that is halng tome.

Never tmv taster than eat: or posted spends.

Never tow with damaged parts not t'ulljlr secured.

Never get under your vehicle after it has been Intent by the tow truck.

Always use separate sale-tr :haln: on each alda when towlng a vehlcle.

GAUHOH: {Continued}


GAWOH: {Continued}

I Never use ".1" hunks. Use T-huelts instead.

When your vehicle is: being towed. have the ignition key off. The steering wheel should be clamped in a smightahead position. with a clamping device designed for towing, service. Do not use the vehicle‘s steering column lock. for this. The tmnsaxle should be in Neutral and the parking brake released.

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