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bags. rags. floor mats - anything you can wrap around yourself or tuek under your clothing to keep warm. CAUTION: {WHWH}

You can run the engine to keep wane, but be careful.


Show can trap exhaust gases under your vehicle. This can cause deadlyI (:0 (carbon monoxide] gas to get inside. CO eautd mere-urns you and kill you. You can't see It or small it. It: you might not know It was in your vehicle. Clear away shariaI troln around the base

of your vehicle, especially any that Is htoeklnn your exhaust plpe. And check areu nd again from time to time to be sure snow doesn't eelieet there.

_ Run your engine only as long as you must. This saves-a DP?" I window just a ”t“! “1" “W 3"“ "fl "'5 fuel. When you run the engine. make it go a little faster

vehicle that's l“! “'9'“ “‘3 Wlfld- This 9"” help Than just idle. That is, push the accelerator slightly. This keep CO “Ut- aees lees fuel for the heat that you get and it keeps the CAUTION: [Continued] batter}- charged. You will need a well-charged battery to reg-tart the vehicle, and poeeihly for signaling later on with your headlights. Let the heater nm for awhile.


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