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Include an ice scraper, a small brush or broom+ a supply of windshield washer fluid. a rag. some winter outer clothing+ a small show-31,3. flashlight. a. red cloth, and a. couple of reflectj ve warning triangles. And. if you will be driving under severe conditions. include a small hog oi xand. a piece of old carpet or a couple of burlap bags to help provide traction. Be sure you properlyr secure these items in your vehicle.

Driving on Snow or Ice

Most of the time. those places where your limb meet the road probably have. good traction.

However. if there is snow or ice between your tires and the road. you can ha we a very slippery Situation. You ' ll have a lot less IrucIion or “grip" and will need to be very careful.

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Who‘s: the worst time for this? “Wet ice." Very,r cold mow or ice can he Slick and hard to drive on. But wcl ice eon be even more trouble because it may ofi‘or the least


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