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I As you go over the top ofa hill. be alert. There could be something in your lane, like a slalled ear or an accident.

0 You ma}.r see highway signs on mountains mat warn of special problems. Examples are long grades. passing or no—passing zones+ a falling rocks area. or winding roada. Be alen to these and lake appropriate action.

0 Winter driving can pnesent special problems. See “Winter Driving” in the Index.

Parking on Hills

Hills and mountains mean spectacular scenery. BLu please be careful where you stop if you decide to look at the View or lake pielures. Look for pullefi's or parking areas provided for scenic viewing.

Anoiher pan of this manual lella how to use your parking brake (see “Parking Brake" in the Index}. But on a mountain or sleep hill. you can do one more thing. You can turn your from wheels to keep your vehicle from rolling downhill or out into traffic.


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