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Freeway Driving

Mile for mile, freeways [also called thruwuys. parkways. expreastvays, turnpikes, or super-highways} are the safest or all roads. But they have their own special rules.

The most important adviee on freeway driving is: Keep up with traffic and keep to the tight. Drive at: the same speed moat of the other drivers are driving. Too-fast or loo-slow driving breaks a smooth traffic flow. Treat the left him: on a freeway as a passing lane.


Entering the Freeway

At the enhance there is usually a ramp that leads to the freeway. if you have a clear view of the freeway as you drive along the entrance rump, you should begin to cheek uaffic. Try to determine where you expect to blend with the flow. If traffic is light, you may have no problem. But if it is heavy, find a gap as you move along the entering lane and time your approach. Try go merge into the gap at close to the prevailing speed. Switch on your turn signal, check your rearview mirrors a:- you move along, and glance over your shoulder as often as necessary. Try to blend smoothly with the traffic flow.

Driving on the Freeway

Once you are on the freeway, adjust your speed to the posted limit or to the prevailing rate if it's slower. Stay in the right lane unless you want to pass. if you are on a twovlane freeway, treat the right lane as the slow lane and the left lane as the passing lane.

If you are on a three-lam! freeway, treat the right lane as the slower-speed through lane, the middle lane as the htgher-speed through lane, and the left lane as the passing lune.

Before changing lanes, check your rearvievv mirrors. Then use your turn signal.

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