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Driving Inn foul through large wulcr puddles or non going through some our wushex can L'aLIsL' pruhlcms. L00. The water may affeot your brakes. Try Io uynicl puddleg. But if you can't. try to slow down before you Im 1hem.

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WEI lllflllea l|‘:&l'l HUSH mldanta. THE! won't work Iqull in u qulol: stop and may causal pulling

to one aloe. You could lose annual or the vehiola.

After orluing through a large puddle :1! water or a car wash. apply your brain pedal lightly untll your brakes work normally.

H ydruplaning

Hyrlroplaning in dungomuu. So muoh water can buin up under your tires Ihal they can actually ride no the water. This can happen iflho road is we: enough and you‘re

going fast enough. When your vehicle is hydropluning. 1'I hau, lltllo or no oontaci with Iho road.

You might nol be aware of liydmplaning. You could drive: along for some Um: without roalizing your tires aren't in ounsuml ounluot wilh [ho mud. You could find oul 1111' hurr] way: when you how Eu h'low, turn, Intuit out In 11:15:: -- or if you gel hi1 by a gust of wind. You could suddenly find you rself oul of control.

Hydrnpluning Llousn‘l happrn n-I'lL'n. Bu'l it can il'yuur Iircr. hayun'l much [road or i!' Lhu pruosurl: in one or

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