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rnueh speed at sleefi rig in a curve causes tires to slip and lose cornering force. And in the acceleration skid lee much lhrettle causes the driving wheels to spin.

A cornering skid and an acceleratinn skid are best handled in y easing your feet eff the accelerator pedal.

If your vehicle starts to slide {as when you turn a cerner en a wet. snew- er ice-envercd reed}. ease your feet off the acnelerutnr pedal as seen as you feel the vehicle start It! slide. Quickly steer the way you want the vehicle In go. If you start steering quickly eneugh, your vehicle will straighten nut. As it dues. straighten the front wheels.

Of course, naednn is reduced when water. snow. ice, gravel, or other material is on the mad. For safety. you‘ll want to slew dtl‘WU and adjust ynur driving to these uimditiuns. it is impcnant to slow down on slippery surfaces because stepping distance will be lnngcr and vehicle central mere limited.

While driving [In a Surface with reduced traction. try your best to avoid sudden steering, aeeeleratinm or braking (including en ginl: braking by shifting to a lower gear}. Any sudden changes could cause the tires to slide. You may nut realize the surFace is slippery until your vehicle is skidding. Learn in reccgnize warning clues —- such as enough. Water. ice at wicked snow on the road to


make a “mirrnred surface" and slow down when ynu have any doubt.

Remember: Any anti—lock braking system {ABS} helps avoid only me braking skid. Steer the way you want to 30.

Driving at Night

Night driving is more dangerous than day driving. One reason is that some drivers are likely in be impaired --

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