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Brake Pedal 'I‘ravel

See your deaier if the brake pedal does not return to nonnul height. or if there is a rapid increase in wdal travel. This could be a sign of brake trouble.

Brake Adjustment

Every time you make a moderate brake stop, your disc brakes adjust for wear.

If you rarely make a moderate or heavier stop. then your brakes might not adjust correctly. If you drive in that way. than -- very carefully .. make a few moderate brake stops about every Illifl miles tlfim km}. 5:: your brakes wili adjust properly.

Braking in Emergencies Use your anti-lock braking system when you need to.

With amide-ck, you can steer and brake at the same time.

In many emergencies, steering can help you more than even the very best braking.


Power Steering

If you lose power steering assist because the engine stops or the system fails to function. you can steer but it will take much more effort.

Steering Tips

Driving on Curves It‘s important to take curves at a reasonable speed.

A lot of the “dri ver lost control“ accidents mentioned on the nexus happen on curves. Here‘s why:

Experienced clri ver or beginner. each of us is subject to the some laws of physics when driving on curves. The traction of the tires against the road surface makes it possible for the vehicle to change its path when you turn the front wheels. if there‘s no traction. inertia 1trill keep the vehicle going in the same direction. If you've ever tried to steer a vehicle rm wet ice, you'll understand this.

The rraction you can get in :1 curve depends on the condition of your tires and the road surface. the angle at which the curve is banked. and your speed. ‘While

you ’re in a curve. speed is the one factor you can control.


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