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To Use Anti-Lock:

Don't pump Iha brakes. Just hold Iho brake pedal down and let aniivlock work for you. You may.r hear the anti-look pump or motor opemte. and feel the brain: pedal pulsate. but this is normal.

Some driving conditions or climates may cause a brake.

Disc Brake weal. Indicators squeal when lhe brakes an: first applied uni-lightly applied; This does 1101mm“ something is mung with 1Four Buick has four—wheel disc brakes. your brakcs.

Disc brake pads have buill-in woe: indicators that make a high-pitched waming sound when the brake pads are

worn and. new pads are mood. The sound may come and go or be heard all ”1: Lime your vehicle is moving {except when you are pushing on the brake pedal firmly}.

Brake linings should always: be replaood as complete axle sols.


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