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[f you keep pace with the traffic and allow realistic While this is going on. This is the ABS system testing

following distances. gain will Eliminate a lot 01' itself. If there’s 3 problem with the anti-luck brake unnecessary braking. That means better braking and system, the anti-lock brake system warning light will lenge: brake lil'c. stay crn. See “Anti-lock Brake System Waning Light" in

the index.

I If your engine aver slept-i while you‘re driving. brake manually but don ‘t pump your brakes. If you do, the pedal may get Itsrdertu push Lian. If your engine stops, you will still have some power brake assist. But you will use it when yuu brake. Once the putter assist is used up, it may take longer to stop and the brake pedal will be harder to push.

Anti-Lock Brakes {ABSl

Your Buick has an advanced electronic trial-ting system that will help prevent skidding.

This light an the inslrumcnl panel will gt: urt when yuu start you: Ivehicle.

Once the vehicle speed reaches about 5 mph [3 kmi'hj, ycu may hear a mnmentary meter ctr clicking noise and yen may even notice that your brake pedal moves a little


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