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mum -- heavy acceleration l'ullnwcd by heavy braking -- rather Lhan keeping pace with traffic. This is a mistake. Your brakes n11! y not have tirm: to coal between hard slaps. Yum: brakes wll] want out much fault: if you do a lot of heavy braking.


”Rlding" yuur brakes can cause them In nvarhaat to the paint that they wan't work well. I Dnn't "ride“ the brakes; by letting your left foot nest V0“ "“9“" '1'“ be “”3 “1 5MP Wt" "arm“ in lightly on [he brake pedal while driving. tlma to maid an accldant. It you rlrle your . mm, the].r Iwill get so hat that will requlm 3 Jul

at pedal Iowa to slow you dawn. Avoid "riding" the braltas.

“*-—__————— [53

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