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Seats and Seat Controls

This section tells you about me Reins -- how to ndjusr Ilifiln. i-Lnd illsu about reclining Front Heathooks, and head rcslrainin.

Manual Seat

More the lever under the from sea: lo unlock it. Slide the seal to whore you main :1. 'l‘hrn Tclrasc Lin: lrvrr and try ll‘] rnmlr [has HCfll wilh your had}; it} make sure the sear is locked in place.


Power Seat

Front Control (Fl: Raisr or lower Ihr l'rnnt oFIhr: seat by holding 'll'm fiWl'lCll In tho righl {1r loll.

Center Control ICJ: Mow: lhi: seal forward or back by holding the cumml In the From or back. Raim the goal by holding [he control to Ihe Ieli. Hold the control In the righl to lower Ihe “seal.

Rear Control [R]: Ruih'i: or lower ll'lL‘ rL'ur uflhi: scat by holding llic swilch lo [hr righl or ['11: lcl'l.

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