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ignore all these markings and dash straight toward one part of the lot.

Pedestrians can he careless. Watch for them. in general. you must give way to pedestrians even il'yon know you have the light of way.

Rear-end collisions are about the most preventable of accidents. Yet they are oommon. allotsr enough following distance. It's the best defensive driving maneuver. in both city and rural driving. You never know when the vehicle in fmnl of you is going to brain: or turn stsddenly.

Here's a final hit of information about defensive driving.

The most dangerous time for driving in the U.S. is very early on Sunday morning. in fact. GM Research studies show that the most and the least dangerous times for driving, ever}I week. fail on the same day. That day is

Sunday. The most dangerous tirne is Sunday from 3 11.111.

to 4 am. The safest time is Sunday from 10am. to It tern. Driving the same distance on a Sunday at 3 am. isn'ljust a little more dangerous than it is at I“ am. It's about 134‘- Ijrntea more dangerous!

That leads to the next section.


Drunken Driving

Death and injury associated with drinking and shitting is a national tragedy. It‘s the ntunher one contributor to the highway death toil. claiming thousands of victims every year. Alcohol takes away three things that anyone needs to drive a vehicie:

I Judgment

o Muscular Coordination

a Vision

Police records show that half of all motor vehicle-related deaths involve alcohol a driver, a passenger or stone-one else. such as a pedestrian. had been drinking. In most cases. these deaths are the result of someone who was drinking and driving. Over 25.000

motor vehicle-related deaths occur each year because of alcohol. and thousands of people are injured.

Just how much alcohol is too much if a person plans to drive? ideally. no one should drink alcohol and. then drive. But if one does, then what‘s "too much”? It can he a lot less than many might think. Although it depends on each person and situation. here is some general information on the problem.

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