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Your Own Signals

Drivers signal to others. too. It’s not only more polite. it’s safer to let other drivers know what you are doing. And in some places the law requires driver signals.

Tgm gnu lane change signals. Always signal when you

plan to turn or change lanes.

if necessary. you can use hand signals out the window: Left arm straight out for a left turn. doom for slow or about—to-stop. and up For a right turn.

Slowing down. If time allows. tap the brake pedal once or twice in advance of slowing or stopping. This warns

the driver behind you

Disabled. Tft'our four-way flashers signal that your vehicle is disabled or is a hazard. See “Hazard Warning Flasher" in the Index.

'I‘rai‘l'ic Officer

The traffic police officer is also a source of important infonnation. The officers signals govern. no matter what the traffic lights or other signs say.

The next section discusses some of the road conditions you may encounter.

Defensive Driving

The best advice anyone can give about driving is: Drive defensively.

Please start with a very important safety device in your Buick: Buckle up. (See "Safety Belts” in the index.)

Defensive driving really means “be ready for anything." [in city streets. rural roads. or freeways, it means “always expect the unexpemed."

Assume that pedestrians or other drivers are going to he careless and make mistakes. Anticipate what they might do. Be ready for their mistakes.

Expect children to dash out from behind parked cars. often followed by other children. Expect oocupants in parked cars to open doors into traffic. Watch I‘ or movement in parked cars —- someone may be about to open a door.

Expect other drivers to run stop signs when you are on a through street. Be ready to brake if necessary as you go through intersections. You may not have to use the brake. but if you do. you will be ready.

if you're driving through a shopping center parking lot when: there are well-marked lanes. directional arrows. and designated parking areas. expect some drivers to


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