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We‘re all familiar with traffic lights or stop lights. then green arrows are being used in the lights for improved traffic control. On some multilane mods, green arrows

Ii ght up. indicating ll131 traffic in one or more lanes can move or main: 3 turn. Green an'ows don‘t mean "go no matter what." You‘ll still need to prooeer! 1.rilh caution. yielding the right of way to pedestrians and sometimes to other vehicles,

Some Lml'fic Jights also use red arrows- to signify that you musl stop before turning on red.



Marty cit}.r roads and expreesways. and even bridges. use

reversible—lane traiTie mmrnl during rush hours. A red X

light above a lam: means no driving in that lane al. Liam


time. A green arrow means you may drive in that lane. Look for the signs posted to Warn drivers what hours and days these systems are in effect.

Pavement Markings



Pavement markings ztdd to traffic signs and signals. 'i‘hev give inl'orrnalion m drivers without taking ullenliun from the roadway. A solid yellow lint: on your sitit: of Ihe road or lane means “don't urns-H."

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