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To Has a Cnmpact Disc if the disc carnes back out and "Err" appears cm the * display, it could be that:

I The diet: is upside down. I It is dirty. scratched. 01' wet.

l There’s toe much moisture in the air. {If there is. wait about one hour and tr}.r again}

I The disc player is led hot. [f the disc player is very hot. or if you're driving on a very rough read. the disc may eorne out or net play. As sum as things get back to normal. the disc should play again.

Trak t Track}

Bel-[1R3 you hegin, please male: DC! NUI' um: mini-discx _

that are called singles. They won't eject. Use Full-size Press and release TRAK I" to advance the :11“ m the mmpafl discs only. next track. tlhen: must be at least a 4-seeond gap between tracks.) Press TRAK 4| to reverse the diet: In the previous gap between tracks.

Press POWER Lu turn the system en.

Insert a disc part way intfl the slul. label side up. The

player will pull 1'l in. Wail a Few hcflflndfi and flat: dilSL' Rd [Recall]

should play. Press RCL It} so: what track is playing. Presa ll again within 5 seen-lads. Ln- Hee hnw long it has been playing.

The track number aha-I appears when _‘.-'fl-IJ change the vnlunte at when a new track starts to play.


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