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Setting The Clock To set the clock: 0 Push SET (with the ignition on and the radio off}.

0 Withht 5 seconds. push and hold SEK 1 or 1 until the correct hour appears.

I Press and hold SCAN until the oorrocr minute appears.


Press REL to change the display between the clock and the radio station frequency. when the radio is on. To display the time with the ignition off, press REL.


Press the AM or FM buttons to select either the AM or FM radio hand. If the station is in stereo. a STERED indicator will also be displayed.


Press the top or the bottom of the FADE control to adjust the balance between front and rear speakers. Press the center of the control to restore equal speaker sound balance. Eateries: between the left and right speakers is preset and is not adjustable.



Press the BASS or 1' to increase or decrease bass tones. For the BASS preset setting, press the center of the control.


Press the TREE A or T to increase or decrease treble tones. Press the center of the TREE control for the

preset level.

To Play a Cassette

Tape equalization is automatically sensed and set. Insertion of a to also automatically disables DNRLE' and activates Dolby <31 noise reduction. Note the tape travel arrow. The tape will be traveling in that direction until it reaches the end and automatically changes direction, or until you press the PRDG button.

Press POWER to turn the Unit on. The radio will play until a cassette is pushed into the cassette entry door { the tape side goes in first]. Do not use tapes that are longer than 92 minutes (445 minutes on each side}.

Fwd {Forward}

Press FWD to advance the tape rapidly. Press FWD or PRDG again to play the tape. t'l‘he radio plays while a tape is advancing}

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