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To Play This Radio


Press POWER to turn "to ttrtit on or oil when “13 ignition ix UN.

Volume Control

Press the 1VOL control To increase ordccrcasc do: volume. For the. preset listening lavet, prom: the L'crtlor of do: VOL control.


Press 111:.- tnp of tho TUNE control to to It? in stations higher on the AM or FM radio band. Pro-.5 Lht: bottom to [one in xtaiiona Iii-WET on the band.


PICS}: tho SEEK j. at 1" to search for the next moon on the AM or FM radio band.


W'I'tET't you most; Hoan. Ll'n: radio Will go to lite next station and pause and keep scanning until you presa scan again.


The five [ I -fit puxhhullurth' can he tract] to preset up to ten radio stations {5 AM and 5 FM stations].

I Tune: in Ilia desired station. I Push SET.

I Within 5 Seconds. push ono of Ihi: I'ivo pusilbuttona. Wham-31.15:" you push lhalhutton,1l1t: proaoL station 1trill return.

0 Repeat those nteps for each pufihbutlnn.


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