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To Play A Cassette

Your tape player is built to work host with tapes that are 30 to 45 minutes long on each side. Tapes longer than that are so thin that Urey may not work well in this player.

1With the radio on. push a tape into the slot marked AUTO REVERSE {tape side goes in first}.

Once the: tape is playing1 use the upper and lower knobs for volume balance and fade just as you do for the radio. The arrows indicate which side of the tape is being played.

Your tape player has an AUTO REVERSE feature which automatically plays the other side of the tape after the first side has played.


To advance the tape. press FWD and the tape will rapidly go forward until you press the REV button

lightly. Reverse

To reverse the tape. press REV and the tape will rapidly reverse until you press the FWD button lightly.



Push the SEARCH button to the right. To search for the beginning of me next selection. push FWD. Push liiEI‘tIr

and the tape will reverse to the beginning of the current selection.


To go from one side of the tape to the other, press the upper knob.

Eject To remove the tape or stop the tape and switch to the radio. press EJ EC’T button.

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