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The four pushbultons let you return to favorite stations. You can set the pushhuttons for up to fourteen stations (1 AM and ‘3" PM}.

I Tune in the desired station.

I Hess the SET pushhutton. {SET appears in the display]:

I Within 5 seconds. push one of the four pus hhuttons.

Whenever you press that button, the preset station will return. in additional to the 4 stations set as above. up to three additional stations may be preset

on each hand by pressing two adjoining buttons at the same time.

I Tum: in the station you Will“. I Press SET pushbutton. {SET appears in the display]

I Within 5 seconds. push an}r two adjoining pushbuttons at the same time. tThe station will return when the same two buttons are pressed again.)


To set the clock. I Press die SET pushoutton.

I Within 5 seconds. press and hold SCAN until the correct hour appears on the display.

I Press and hold SEEK until the correct minute appears on the display. Treble

Slide the treble lever up to increase the treble response. [f station is weal: or noisy, slide the u-ehte lever down to reduce the noise.

Slide the bass is ver up to increase the bass response. Adjust the bass lever to give a pleasing sound to your car.

DNR '3'

This is the Dynamic Noise Reduction button. DNR <31 helps remove background hiss From the radio or tape player. You out}r want to leave it pushed in all the time.


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