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To Play This Radio


Press the [In-Off huttnn ttt turn the r'ddtl'l Dtt UT OH.

The Upper Knob The upper kneh does these things:

I 11 uttntmls the volume. Rotate elmkwiee to increase thi: volume.

0 it tells yup the time. When the ignition is ruff, push Tn display the time.


. tt atiews yen to retail the frequency when the radio is playing.

I h eilnws gnu In hear the other side of the tape. Press the upper knob while cassette is playing.


The centre] behind the upper knob atlews gmu to balance the sound between the right and left epeakers.

The Lower Knnh

Turn the lower knob 10 tune radio stations. Push it to get AM or FM.


The tunnel hehinrl the inwer kiteb moves the sound between your front and rear speakers.


Pressing the seek hullnn wiH cause the receiver tn seek the next higher station and step.


When you press scan. the radio will ge to the next station nntl pause and keep scanning, until you press start again.

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