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To rid the system tthiLulL' uir in warm weather. air will L'nrrli: uuL nl‘tire floor outlets for a short time. Fan Speed

The speed of [he hlttwer Iiin ix enntrulled automatically if you have the tan Cm. AUTO.

However. if you wanl The blower Fan 1n run at :1 lower Htkicd. push T.

If you want 1t: raise the blower speed. push 1.. The hiEJWL‘r speed Itlr'iil go lower or higher with ever}- push of the button until lhr: lowest or highexl speed is reacheo.


' - This netting i5; designed 1hr use on sunny days where the. air ix uni} ITJtl-Ilttrulti'i}’ warm or cool. On day's like these. the film may adequately wan“ your upper hotly, hut your lower hold}.r may nol be warm enough.


The Bi—Jeeei setting direels outside air into your which: in twu ways. [foul arr :5 dlret'tcd toward your upper body through the front instrurltent pant-1 outiete. Wlliie slighlly wormed air if: directed through the heater outlet Ett your feel.

The air conditioner compress-star operates in all .‘-"t|r Conditioned positions. Etllt‘i- the Defrost posilion when the outside temperature is above 40 c F {3 2' Ct

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