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To choose the temperature gen-u want maintained int-tide the vehicle. press the TEMP 1. or 1' for warmer or cooler.

You can choose from 60°F [to DC}. For maximum cooling. ullL‘l 90° F (3390:. for maximum heating. It is not IlBCé‘St-illry to choose the extreme temperature to get the system to Itettt or cool Ell the maximum. The system ducts it uulttntulicully.


when the system is set for automatic, air will come f'rnnt the Hour ttulltslt-t. ll'tt: instrument plane] outlets or both. Fun speed will Vary tunless a blower LC! or HI button has been pushed] as: the systettt gets to and mainlalnt‘. [he temperature setting you have selected.

The display will show the selected temperatttle unti blower speed.

in cold wetttlter the system will delay turning on the hittwur, lu avoid blowing uultl tut. The length of Iltr‘

Lleluy depends on engine: coolant lutttjtei'allttt'e. outside temperature and ttrrte since the engine was last started.

Pushing :t L0 or Ill ltlowet' button will override this

delay. rut-:1 ‘Mll turn on the blower.


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