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Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light and Cage

The "HOT" light tells you the! your engine CL'POifll'll has overheated er ye LII radiator etmiing l'un in nttl wnrkilig. The gage also shows the engine eeelant temperature. [1' the gage reading mum-1'5 into the red area. you! engine has. tit-'t‘rlle-L-ited. if you have her" tiperttling yeiii' vehieie under normal driving eonditintw you Hi'lfluid pull Lifl‘ the rum]. stop yum" vehicle anti turn the engine eifas seen its pussihle.


lll. "Problems; on the Read" this ITIIII'I-1IEII Show whel in de. See "Engine Overheating" in the Index.

Malfunction [ndieatnr Lamp tServiee Engine Snun Light]

A computer mtJTlilEJi'i-i uperalinn t‘il'ynut i'uel. ignition and emission control iystems. Thi.‘ ligin shtaulti cnn‘li: nn when Ilie Ignition iii on. but the engine is not running, :13 u check it: show yen i1 is working. If it does, not enme en .11 all. have it. fixed riglll away. if it stays en. er it comes i'H'I while _\-'{rL| tin: driving. the cnmpu'ler in indicating litul ynu have a prnhlem. Ynu nhnuld take yttur vehicle in Fur Wl'k'il‘fi' men.


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