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Brake System Warning Light

Your Buieli'H hydraulic broke syslem is divided into two pans. [i one part isn't working. the oiher part can slill work and stop you. For good broking, Lliough. you need both pa r15 working well.

If 1he warning light gtncx (111. there could he a brake problem. Have your brake system impeded right away

This light xhuulrl come on as you start ihe vehicle. 11" ll doesn't come on then. have it fixed so il will be ready to warn you ii' there's a problem.

This light I.i'ill also come on 1when you set your parking brake. and will sin y on if your parking brake doesn't release fully. 1|" i1 slay-s on after your parking brake is. I'ully released. it means you have a brake ini-obleiiL If the light comes on while driving, pull off Ihe road and stop carefully. You may notice that the pedal is harder to push. Or. the pedal may go closer to the floor. 1: ma y Lake longer to slop. If the light is fill]! on. have Ll1e vehicle lowed for service. {See "Towing Your Vehicle" in The Index.)


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