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The Instrument Panel: Yeur Information System

Your instrument panel is. designed to let you know £tL a glunee how ynur ear is: running. lt’tiu'li know him: feel you're going. how much fuel you're using. and many other Iltings you'll need to knew to drive safely and economically.

Speedometer and Odometer

Your xpeetlurneter lets; you see your speed in both miles per hour {mph} and kilometers per hour lkmj'l'l}. You: odortteter shows how fer your vehicle has been driven. in either miles {used in the LLB.) or Kilometers [Llfied in Canada].

1r'tiur Buiel»; hat-r i1 "titmper-refiixuinl “diameter." Ynur odometer will read ERROR il' xnmenne l'ulfi tampered with ll.

You mayr wonder what happens if your Buick has to have 3 “CW instrument panel elunler innmlled. The new odometer Linexn't need to be reset heeauie your car has a body computer ottdulelBCM1whieh stores the mileage in its memory. lithe BC‘M is changed the chip with the mileage is. transferred to the new REM. II" the BCM is damaged and the mileage is lost. then a label on the driver '5 doe-r [Iluhil show the tilt] reading and when the new one was inneilled.

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