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Cigarette Lighter Censele and Cupholder

It's near The ashtray. To use the cigaretlt: lighter, push it all the way in and let it go. When it's ready. it will pop back by itself.


It you hold a elgeralte lighter In with your hand white it Is heating. It won't be able to back away

Irnrn the heatan element when it's ready. That can make It ova-flieat, damaging the lighter and the healing element.

Electronic Level Control This Feature keeps the rear of your ear lC wet as the load

The center eensule has space for cassette storage. :1 changes. It '5 autonmtie _ we dent need 1” adjusl eninhelder and r1 cupholder. The cuphoider is on the

I'ronl of the storage console. Press on the exposed edge of the eupholder. and it will slide out l'nr use. Press the front edge again, to slide it back to it's slttrage position.

Rear License Plate Holder

Te use it. open the trunk lid and Slide your license plate into the slut. Always close the mini: tn prevent theft of the plate.

anything. You 111213..I hear the electronic compressor operate even when the load hasn‘t changed. This is normal.

1114 —_

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