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Automatic [flption]

Your Buick may have the automatic inside mirror.

The automatic mirror adjusts for the glare of headlights behind you. It detects changes in light, and Ihen adjusts for day or night operation.

During the day the mirror reflects all the light from behind your car. At night. when the glaze is too high, il changes to the night mode. Then, it reflects only part of the light from behind you. When the minor changes to the night mode, it holds that position until glare is no longer present+



MIN: The minimum setting is suggested when driving where glare conditions change often. “Min“ works well for city driving at night.

MAX: Maximum sensitivity is a good setting for highway driving in light unffie. The mirror starts to darken in any glare. such as headlights a long wag,r behind your car.

OFF: The mirror will stay in Ihe do},I mode.

Time Delay

The minor delays before switching from the night back

to like dill;I position. This delay prevents rapid changing of the mirror as you drive under Iights and through


Reverse Gear Day Mode

The reverse mode is another important feature of the antomatio mirror. When the shift lever is platted in "R" (Reverse), the mirror shifts to Ihe do}r mode. This gives you a bright image in the minor as you back up.

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